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Stockade Dressage Seat
Equitation Challenge

We've seen you prove your ability in the ring during your test, but now we want to challenge you to show us your best equitation!

With individual show prizes and a series championship, there is more at stake than just bragging rights (which is a pretty big deal all by itself)!

Keep reading below for the challenge details.

The 2023 Stockade Dressage Seat Equitation Challenge will offer a minimum of two opportunities to show off your most beautiful eq at each recognized show. 

USEF and USDF memberships are not required to partake in this challenge!
There are both recognized and opportunity divisions.


Recognized DSE classes count for your USEF/USDF points, recognition pins, and qualifying. You must have all applicable USEF/USDF memberships to participate in the recognized division.

Opportunity DSE classes will not count towards any USEF/USDF points, recognition pins, or qualifying. These scores will only count toward the Stockade DSE Challenge in the opportunity division.
USEF/USDF memberships are not required.
Some GMOs may accept Opportunity classes for schooling show year end awards.Please check with your individual GMO to confirm this

If entries warrant, the challenge will be split between Adult Amateurs and Junior/Young Riders.


At each of the following shows, you will have the opportunity to take home the prize for the highest DSE score in your division and qualify for the series championship.

  • Dressage Days at Stockade
  • Dressage at Stockade Welcome/June

  • Dressage at Stockade Summer Heat

  • Dressage at Stockade I/II

There is nothing extra you need to do to participate, just enter a DSE class and do your best! Once you have completed your first class we will keep track of your scores for you. Every DSE competitor is included in the challenge!

At the completion of the season, our champions will be crowned by averaging each rider's 3 highest scores. The rider with the highest score in each division will receive bragging rights (the most important part in our opinion) and a super cool customized champion jacket by Sew You (okay, maybe this is cooler).

Series Championship qualification requirements and rules are below:

  • You must compete in DSE at a minimum of two of the four Dressage at Stockade shows.

  • You must earn a minimum of three DSE scores at Dressage at Stockade shows.

  • The average of your highest three scores must be at least 60% to qualify.

  • Only DSE scores earned at Dressage at Stockade shows count towards the Dressage Seat Equitation Challenge.

  • You may not cross-enter between Opportunity and Recognized DSE. All scores must be earned in the same division.

  • Scores may be earned on multiple horses 


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